The History of the Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower originated as an instrument of the mind over 2500 years ago. It was described in ancient writings as an aid for spiritual development. It has been used by many cultures as a meditation instrument. The Lotus Flowers' complicated geometry, soothing action and ability to turn into thousands of shapes makes it an ideal instrument for meditation. With closed eyes the mediator would visualise the various shapes of this instrument in the minds eye.

The Lotus Flower became an image-based navigator into the subconscious. The mediator would attach various stages of spiritual and mental progression to visualised shapes of the Lotus Flower, while manipulating the device physically in their hands.

The Lotus Flower thereby enabled the mediator to mark a route of spiritual development, which could not otherwise be verbalised. It was thus that the Lotus Flower achieved synchronisation with human thought unattainable by means of conventional written or spoken means.
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Makers of the Lotus Flower

The instrument is named after the plant, the lotus flower, which is considered the spiritual flower. The instrument mimics nature's structure of the lotus flower. Just as the flower has various layers of petals so too does this instrument. The lotus flower plant unfolds its layers when exposed to the energy of the sun. The Lotus Flower instrument guides its user into an unfolding of the spiritual layers of the self when its user is exposed to the essence of the energy of life.