The Design of the Lotus Flower
Your instrument is precisely constructed so as to enable the device to morph into thousands of shapes.

Our classic Lotus Flower consists of two axes, a central pivot, seventy-two rings, one hundred and forty-eight hooks and almost six meters of wire.

Our more complex versions have upward of 234 rings, 472 hooks and over 18 metres of wire. All bent, hooked and assembled by hand.

The classic version is the size of an orange and the miniature that of a plum. We make it in brass and steel wire or a combination of the two. The ring locations are made in an assortment of wood, springs and beads according to your choice. 

Our Guarantee
The Lotus Flower is a non-religious device.
We guarantee to replace any defective Lotus Flower.

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Makers of the Lotus Flower

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