Relax preferably sitting with your spine erect. Close your eyes and begin breathing in slowly and deeply and out fully. Continue doing this while holding the Lotus Flower in your hands. Allow the movement of the Lotus Flower in your hands to become a relaxed, smooth, cyclical progression. Your breath has a smooth cyclical in-out motion. Synchronise the cyclical nature of your breath with the cyclical pattern of the movement of the Lotus Flower in your hands. While doing this allow yourself to visualise internally, as if seeing inside your mind within some internal landscape. Visualise the image of the Lotus Flower as it is moving. Imagine the Lotus Flower being filmed in your hands and projected on some black velvet screen in your mind. Then synchronise your cyclical breath with the cyclical movement of the Lotus Flower in your hands. Allow the image of the Lotus Flower to move in tune to the rhythm of your breath. Practice this whenever you can. If you keep the Lotus Flower with you, you will always find a minute or two in your day to work on this. This exercise will relax and focus you. When you are relaxed and focused you are more effective as a person, and this has an effect in many areas of your life. You can use this state of mind to reprogram your mind and change aspects of your self that you may wish to change.

The lotus flower is an ideal device to use in order to help you stop smoking. it is the perfect thing to pull out of your pocket as a substitute for the habit of pulling a cigarette out of your pocket. The ritual of needing to keep your hands busy, is one of the cornerstones upon which the nicotine addiction hinges. The combination of the nicotine addiction and the natural desire of the mind to want our hands to be preoccupied is diabolical. This combination makes the habit extremely difficult to break. Program into your mind the desire to change as a person from being a smoker to being a non-smoker. What you then do is substitute in your mind the desire to pull out a cigarette with the desire to pull out the lotus flower. You have then reprogrammed yourself from being a smoker who likes to pull out a cigarette to being a non-smoker who wants to pull out the lotus flower. You can then play with the lotus flower for the same duration, as you would have smoked a cigarette. You then allow the lotus flower by way of positive assertion to pretend that it is giving you all the same benefits that the cigarette would have given you - for example relaxation, thought stimulation etc. Go through these aspects consciously in your mind while playing with the lotus flower and really feel that the lotus flower is giving you these benefits. With this process you almost trick your subconscious into believing that it has had a cigarette, and that ultimately you are a non-smoker.

One of the aspects that makes the Lotus Flower particularly effective as a stress-reliever is that the more you use it as a massaging device, the more you begin to subconsciously associate the Lotus Flower with relaxation. Eventually you will begin to feel relaxed the minute you hold the Lotus Flower in your hands. Ultimately you should feel relaxed simply by knowing that you have your Lotus Flower with you.
  The Lotus Flower as a Massaging Device

The Lotus Flower can be used as a massaging device. If the Lotus Flower is shaped with all the rows of rings folded into the centre. It can then be rubbed between the hands in a gentle circular massaging motion. This has the benefit of massaging both hands simultaneously. This technique utilises the art of Reflexology where pressure points are massaged in order to stimulate the blood supply and nerves. When the beads of the Lotus Flower stimulate the pressure points located in the hand, energy and relaxation is spread throughout the entire body.

Once you get the hang of it, you will find that you can use the Lotus Flower to access many other pressure points around the body. This may be particularly useful if you target specific areas of tension that you may have around your body. Another effective technique is to cup the Lotus Flower in the palm of your hand in the same shape as described above (with all the rows of rings folded inward). Then gently rub the Lotus Flower in circular motions across your entire scalp and neck. 

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