The inherent complexity of the mind and the subtleties of emotions and feelings are impossible to describe in words in any language. The Ancients appreciated the power of using visual images to associate to states of consciousness that were far to complex to describe using language. So they used visual shapes to attach to states of consciousness and feelings that were experienced on route in the course of their meditation. This process makes the meditation a more focused and results driven. This becomes a motivating factor for the mediator who requires measurable progress. The mediator then builds up a Sequence of Lotus Flower images associated to states of spiritual and mental progression. The mediator can then trace steps to states of consciousness previously reached. The visual images that are associated with feelings become route markers; almost like signposts within the mind. These signposts can be ordered using your Sequence. The particular feeling gets remembered by creating a visual image of the feeling.

The Lotus Flower hereby becomes a tool that facilitates a precise form of meditation and forms a route marker of your path taken while facilitating your memory thereof. An Index Sequence can be used to co-ordinate Sequences of routes much like an index in a map book. So that this system can be as complex and comprehensive as the user would wish it to be. This process enables the user to incorporate the various other uses of the Lotus Flower by creating pathways in the mind, by means of the sequencing, to the various other applications of the Lotus Flower. This can happen within the subconscious thereby attempting to access the greater power of the unused mind.

What makes the Lotus Flower an effective programmer of the mind is that through interacting with it your mind is relaxed and nurtured into an Alpha frequency. When in an Alpha frequency you are better able to access those deeper recesses of the mind where your reprogramming is most effective. The various shapes that the Lotus Flower moves into can be used as catalysts to induce this reprogramming of your mind. There are often many things about ourselves that we wish to change. Life is essentially a matter of continually growing as a person. Much of what we do in life comes from our attitudes within. These attitudes have been shaped by our experiences. Our minds can be reprogrammed and our lives set on the course we want. This all starts with the belief that we CAN, and then choosing to do something about it.

You can start this process right now. Begin by following the steps on Focusing with the Lotus Flower. Once you are focused, move the Lotus Flower in random shapes while reflecting on the things in your life and about yourself that you wish to change. Reinforce this association. Now every time you play with the Lotus Flower and this shape comes up, let the shape remind you of the aspect of yourself that you want to change, and let it make you feel as if you have already changed. It is important that you allow the shape to make you feel that you have already changed. The shape then becomes a reminder to your subconscious that you have in fact changed and simply reinforces this fact each time you see the shape. (Whether you see it with your eyes or "see" it in your mind). You can make many of these associations with these shapes to change many things about yourself.

You can leave the Lotus in the shape when you're not using it and allow it to trigger the association whenever you next see it.

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