Magnetic Jewelery

We assemble by hand, a range of magnetic hematite jewellery using previously disadvantaged South African labour.
Our designs are creative and varied and will offer you a unique range of elegant jewellery. We use hematite (a gemstone) that is magnetic thus offering a wide range of healing benefits to the wearer.

Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and enhance healing. Also helps with stress, jet lag and motion sickness. Magnets are thought to increase blood conductivity and improve circulation, thus improving the distribution of oxygen to the body's cells and enhancing their performance. Magnetism provides natural pain relief, improves sleep and promotes overall health. Magnetism is of particular benefit to sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism and stiff joints.

We make long necklaces (over 3 feet long) bracelets, ear-rings and spectacle cords. The necklace is an "All in One" thus making a necklace (it will make many designs), lanyard, choker, bracelet, anklet, headdress and much more. We do ear-rings and bracelets to match the necklace therefore allowing sets to be sold. Our designs are made up with glass beads, imitation pearls, imitation silver and gold beads and many other metal findings, offering a really wide range of choice.

We can also offer you a unique service by custom designing the jewellery according to your requirements (colours etc).

The necklace is boxed in a see-through plastic box with an insert.

This is the insert included with each necklace:
CK 93/17047/23
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